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Steps of needle Penetrometer for stepper motor
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above article to say that penetration device should be used to pay attention to what, then the next Xiaobian say to you is how to operate, the specific method of operation.
A. first of all, we need to plug in the power, and we need to turn on the power switch, and then go through heating or cold water, and then let the temperature of the constant bath temperature to 25 degrees celsius.
B. can also go to the sample directly into the constant temperature water bath for insulation, then this time can not be less than 1 ~ 1.5h.
In C. is down between the measuring rod and the needle rod contact, and then to press this button to zero ", are set to zero.
D. there is a direct to the timing of the switch to 5S, and then press the "start" button, then 5 seconds after the needle rod will be locked, and then to put in contact with the needle rod connecting rod, so that you can read the data of penetration.
E. can also be installed to test needle, then unscrew this tight in the lifting frame behind the set screws, and then move up and down to the most suitable position of the lifting frame are tightened, and then use the hand wheel on both sides of the fine-tuning of adjustment and then slowly down the needle connecting rod, so that you can go to the needle tip this coincides with the sample surface contact.

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