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Stable quality product, customer easy shopping

It's a good price to pay for your productivity and your labor costs. The user's specific needs are in the appropriate technical development, technical modification, and technical services

A professional engaged in the development, sales and service of non-standard automated equipment; Auto series, auto assembler, automated equipment.

Established over the years, has won the vast number of customers trust and support.

The firm has a lot of hands-on experience, based on independent innovation, and by using advanced technology from home and abroad.

Rich product resources, the service industry is numerous

To work with a number of industry leaders, to ensure that the product is properly sold and served.

Direct from the original plant, saves the middleman, makes it easy for the user, lowers the cost of the product 20 to 50%.

The product structure is sophisticated, easy to operate, easy to maintain, the whole life cycle of the product is low, the price is good.

Professional r&d team, quality assurance

With the ability to install debugging, product training, technical consulting, equipment maintenance.

Research and development team, continuous innovation, a number of national patents.

The firm has a lot of hands-on experience, based on independent innovation, and by using advanced technology from home and abroad.

Jinyi automation equipment has many senior engineers, professional design standard construction process, product quality assurance.

24 hours of free consultation to make the service more thoughtful

A perfect after-sales service system offering the most intimate service

Jinyi automation equipment is equipped with its own localized after-sales team, focusing on serving customers in south China.

24 hours service hotline, powerful production supporting capacity and perfect after-sale system when problem of product occurrence quality, after verification, the first time to deal with return service for you

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0760- 8516 6528
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Zhongshan Ling anda Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan jinyi automatic equipment co., LTD. Is located in zhongshan city, guangdong province, the hometown of sun yat-sen. Zhongshan city is an economically developed area in the pearl river delta region of guangdong, close to Hong Kong, Macao, guangzhou, shenzhen and other places.….

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Stepper motor, system structure and motion mode

Industrial robot manipulator is the earliest, is the earliest of the modern robot, it can replace human labor to realize the mechanization and automation of production, can operate in order to protect the personal safety in harmful environment, so it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, l...


Application of stepping motor in batch packaging machine

The stepping motor due to strong performance in many places have been widely used, because of his performance today are so small to give us is used in the above is mainly mechanical, intermittent packaging machine, and it is still small series with a look.


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